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TGL 009 The Moment Before

In this episode of The Gorman Limit, (which was inspired by a conversation between George Saunders & Ezra Klein) Neil talks about the importance of taking care of self and others in the moment before crisis moments.

TGL 008 Some thoughts on non-defensiveness

In this episode of TGL Gorman tells a story & shares some thoughts on non-defensiveness.

TGL 007 "I want to help people"

In this episode of The Gorman Limit, Neil tries to dig into what people mean when they say they want to help people. Additionally, Neil talks about what might actually be helpful to people, and how that is not always what we expect it to be.

TGL-006 Everything that is Embarrassing is also Potentially Hilarious

In this episode of TGL Neil tries to tell stories that show how it is a good idea to embrace, rather than core up, the things you're not so good at.

TGL-005 How I lost my voice & learned to listen better

In this episode of The Gorman Limit, I talk about listening. A lot. About how I learned to listen better when I lost my voice, about what I learned about listening from my dissertation, and about full speech v. empty speech.

TGL-004 The thing about respect...

TGL-002 Some Unsolicited Advice (for people going into mental health)

In this episode, Gorman gives some answers to a few questions he gets sacked regularly when he teaches. It aims the questions and their answers at people who want to go into mental health.

TGL-001 The Pilot Episode...

This is episode 001 of The Gorman Limit (TGL), a podcast done by Neil Gorman (DSW, LCSW) where he thinks out loud & in public in an attempt to expand the limit of what he knows.

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