TGL-006 Everything that is Embarrassing is also Potentially Hilarious

In this episode of TGL Neil tries to tell stories that show how it is a good idea to embrace, rather than core up, the things you're not so good at.
Intro 0:00 - 6:24
- Headache
- The concept for today’s show: How we react when we screw things up

Bryan 6:24-14:36
- Being socially awkward in your early 20’s
- This dude named Bryan walked into a glass door
- Everything that is embarrassing is also potentially hilarious

Don’t try to “look smart” 14:36-21:52

- Did you ever get the feeling you don’t know what people are talking about? I did fairly often when I was younger
- I talk about how I would try to look as if I knew things I did not know because I was worried about looking dumb.
- The thing is, by trying not to look dumb, I was being dumb.

Drop a slip 21:52-45:59
- Set the stage 
- Tech support & Substitute teaching 
- Orientation for a week 
- Dropping a slip & pulling up

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